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The Cornucopia Institute recently reported that in 2016, EU customs seized over 41 million fake goods at the border, valued at EUR 670 million. At 13 per cent, food products were the third largest category for the products detained. In the report, the Institute stated, “Non-organic corn and soy, labeled as organic, are flooding US ports, undercutting legitimate U.S. organic farmers, due to the USDA’s negligence.”

As we have seen before, labels can be untrustworthy. This is why it is crucial that customers learn how to read between the lines. However, even the most savvy customers may not realize just how subtle ingredient differences can be. Below, we have included a chart to give you extra insight.

As you can see, ingredients that may read as only slight variations actually translate into vast differences in price and procedure. When it comes to getting the best quality supplements for your money, there is no substitute for doing your homework.

Why do we do things this way when we could double our profit and price match competing products? 

To be a viable alternative to prescription drugs. The quality standards must be maintained at every level of production: from sourcing, raw material testing and after product testing, to formulating. When producing a professional, therapeutic medicine for cellular delivery, and to have genuine therapeutic value, we must be real medicine. We do not produce products half-way; only the very best will suffice, with no comparison.

Quantifying Quality